About Us


Pretty in Para Company is a small business that creates Para-tees, PARA-baskets, and personalized accessories for chapters and organizations. Using only quality materials, we thrive on producing great products. Because we have the ability to decorate a variety of items, you will find a diverse selection on our website. 

 Personalization is our passion and we want to be able to offer that special touch to make gifts/items more personable. It does take significantly more time than generic items, but to have something personalized makes it just that much more meaningful. 

 While offering t-shrts and accessories for you to represent comfortably, we also want it to look good. You can be sure that our selections are durable, given the proper care, and will give you a lot of joy. We try to offer the classics but also a touch of bold and new! So browse and shop as much as you'd like because it's always a good time to be...